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Fast Facts

  • AFROMIX has more than 30 years experience in the engineering and manufacture of mixers, with a history that goes back to Aeromix.

  • In 2006 Aeromix changed its name to AFROMIX, to reflect its growth in both the African and International markets.

  • In 2013 Investec Bank Limited’s acquired 30% of AFROMIX, heralding a strategic new direction for the company. Majority shareholder
    Eugene Els remains managing director of the newly structured company.

  • In 2014 Canadian based AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. is established within the group to design and manufacture for the
    North American markets.

  • AFROMIX has extensive experience in mineral processing, chemical, pulp & paper, water & waste treatment, food & beverage, petrochemical
    and pharmaceutical production. To date AFROMIX is credited with more than 1000 successful major installations.

  • Using in-house programs for FEA (finite element analysis), 3D drawings & animations, engineering & process design, laboratory testing & modeling and customer on-site training; AFROMIX has raised mixing and peristaltic pumping technology to a new level and will continue being the supplier of choice.

  • AFROMIX has a clear focus on developing products that will bring substantial customer benefits. Such as a range of peristaltic pumps with flow rates up to 150m3/hr and whole life operational costs at a fraction of competitive products.

  • AFROMIX is committed to delivering Quality Products from its ISO 9001-rated in-house manufacturing facility.


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